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Our state of the art dyno

Data read out panel

We can supply and fit the Dyno Jet  Power Commander to your bike and dial in the sate of tune required for your type of riding. Using our dyno tester we can achieve the optimum in performance smooth running and economy. Get rid of the flat spots and flutter you get with many standard road bikes.

Now you want your bike running at it’s best to enjoy the evening and weekend runs, get it set up on our dyno for performance and efficiency.

Using our Dyna Pro S14-LCLI Low Inertia Load Control Dynamometer.The finest manufactured dyno available today.The ULTIMATE ignition mapping tool, essential to optimise ignition timing at all load and RPM points.Designed around a machine with a manufactured drum inertia of just 1.4 kg/m², all engine loading is applied by the eddy brake. Sweep, step, wind drag simulation etc can all be tested  with the S14-LCLI.  Ultra quick, stable load cell control due to the low rotating drum mass and high speed data aquisition.Easy and safe bike loading with a platform height of just No PID parameters to change to allow constant Speed, RPM holding..500 bhp / 500 ft/lbs

We now have the latest Texa plug in diagnostic unit to aid in fault diagnostics and to aid in tuning and mapping  for improved performance.

Dyno Testing and Tuning

Mapping and re-mapping of bikes including Triumph models

A range of Dyno jet kits carried in stock and ready for fitting.